Meet Our Instructors


Ronda Bermke

Canines and the sport of pure-bred dogs have always been a big part of my entire life.  I grew up participating in dog events with my mother and, with the exception of college life, have never been without a dog.   My very first AKC licensed show was in 1979.  Since then I have “grown up” and established my own kennel, White Ridge, located just outside of Green Bay, WI.  I am married to Rob and we have one son, Sam.  Currently we share our home with Standard Longhaired Dachshunds and one Border Collie.  I am involved and titled my dogs in multiple AKC venues, including conformation, agility, obedience, rally, and earthdog work.  In 2011 I became an AKC agility judge and soon followed with my junior showmanship license, rally license and license to judge dachshunds in the conformation ring.  I enjoy working with the community and especially youth helping to ignite the excitement and passion that I have for canines. 


Ellen Kramer

Ellen Kramer has been the Thursday night Beginners class Instructor since 1982.  She started in Obedience in 1979 and quickly became hooked on the joy of training and competing with her first Keeshond, Tigger.  Ellen believes that any dog is capable of learning and loving to work with its owner, as long as the lessons are fun for both of them..