Frequent Questions & Answers

Why should I train my dog at Packerland Kennel Club?
PKC has a 58 year history of helping owners and their dogs work together.  Whether your interest is having a well-trained pet or competing in AKC sponsored events our experienced trainers have a vested interest in seeing you achieve your goals.  Our volunteer trainers are all long-term dog owners who have a history of successfully training dogs, helping others train dogs, and competing in AKC events.
In addition, you will find that the cost of training at PKC is quite reasonable when compared to other training facilities in the area.

Who can train at Packerland Kennel Club?
Training classes are open to all people having a dog or dogs and that are willing to abide by our training rules and code of conduct.

Who teaches the classes at Packerland Kennel Club?
Classes are taught by volunteer instructors who have owned, trained, and competed with dogs.  The instructors’ primary goal is to help you train a well-behaved, 4-legged family member that you would be proud to take anywhere.  Should you catch the bug and choose to compete in shows and trials, the instructors have the experience to assist you in achieving your goals.

How do I register for a class at Packerland Kennel Club?
PKC hosts orientation sessions before each training session begins.  These events provide the best opportunity to learn about class options and to sign up for courses.  New trainees will be asked to:

  • - Complete a trainee application
  • - Provide current vaccination information including rabies
  • - Provide a certification of clean stool from your veterinarian

What is the difference between a trainee and a member?
A trainee is an individual who chooses to pay a fee to train their dog at PKC.  Trainees pay a fee each session based on the number of dogs that they choose to enroll and the number of classes that they choose to take.
A member has taken the appropriate actions to apply for membership, been sponsored by two existing members, and voted into membership.  A member pays a reduced annual fee but commits to 15 hours of volunteer work if they are an individual or 25 hours of volunteer work for a family.  Members also have voting rights at the monthly business meets and also vote for the club’s board members and officers.

Isn’t a Kennel Club for breeders?
While some of our members do indeed breed dogs, the vast majority of our members are dog owners just like you who were looking for the best place to train their dogs.  They found the variety of training options and camaraderie with fellow dog owners available at PKC to be exactly what they were looking for.

Aren’t members of Kennel Clubs “hard core” dog people who don’t have time for beginners?
Every PKC member was a first time dog owner at one time.  Members are dog owners who want to share their passion and experience with others.  That is why they volunteer to teach classes, organize and run shows and trials, and volunteer in the community to help others have positive experiences with dogs.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
Please contact us either by phone at 920-468-5580 or email at a knowledgeable member of PKC will get back to you.  You could also stop out during scheduled class times or a business meeting.